• Troy Reicherter


Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Yes, really. There is ample evidence to prove that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.

Spiritual paths like Buddhism have always claimed that there are deeper layers of reality than the observable four.

Meta means beyond, so “metaphysics” is the best way to express it. There are definitely some things in the universe that chemistry and physics can never explain. Here is a partial list to summarize some of the main areas where scientific explanations are lacking:

1. Near-Death Experiences – These are well-documented, and include accurate information from people who were clinically dead when certain events took place. Multiple researchers have tried and failed to provide a rational explanation for these accounts.

2. Evidence of Reincarnation – Some of these accounts have been investigated, and found to contain accurate information which people could have no way of knowing - unless their stories of having lived before are true.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – This medical system bears no resemblance to Western scientific medicine, yet numerous studies prove that is effective despite there being no rational explanation for its effectiveness. I have collected numerous accounts of incredible diagnoses and treatments that defy the laws of physics.

4. Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) – Hundreds of carefully-controlled studies have been done, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that people do have the ability to know things beyond that which they receive from their senses. The odds against some of these experiments being due entirely to chance are a billion trillion to one.

5. Accurate predictions of future events – More difficult to analyze statistically, these predictions are numerous and stunning in their accuracy. Nostradamus is rightfully famous for his many uncanny predictions.

6. Dowsing - The ability of people with the knack to find anything at all by concentrating on it from a distance has been proven repeatedly.

7. Magnetic Field Alteration - The ability of some people to vastly increase the strength of their natural magnetic fields has been clearly documented.

8. Powers of Healing - Chinese Qi Gong as well as people concentrating from a distance have all been put to the test under laboratory conditions and been found to have the ability to heal others.

9. Disembodied Spirits - Huge numbers of experiences have been compiled over the centuries, some of which have been researched carefully by investigators and found to be completely convincing.

10. Effects of Consciousness - The ability of people to affect random event generators or cause a wave to become a particle simply by their thoughts is both incontrovertible and physically inexplicable.

11. Homeopathy - Eighty-one out of 105 clinical trials in Glasgow found homeopathy to be effective, although it annoys most scientists to even speak of it, since there appears to be no possible mechanism of action.

12. Non-physical, non-chemical effects - Jacques Benveniste discovered that an antibody solution produces a reaction from immune cells, even after the solution is diluted to the point where it most likely contains not a single antibody. A study at Emory University discovered that a mouse conditioned to fear the smell of a chemical passed down this trait in some unknown epigenetic (beyond genetic) manner to his descendants for two generations (although he had never met them, and all fertilization was in vitro). Both these stunning revelations are being essentially ignored because they cannot be explained.

When we consider what we know about quantum mechanics, and how little of it we can actually explain, it seems clear that we should be very reticent about jumping to conclusions. Physicists have been telling us for over a century that what we consider “real” is actually made up of smaller particles that leap into and out of “existence,” and behave in ways that make no sense according to the laws of physics. We know this to be true, yet tend to ignore these facts and demand a complete physical explanation for what we call “paranormal” phenomena, before we will take them seriously. There is no such physical explanation and never will be, but the phenomena themselves are real. They can only be explained by something beyond physics: metaphysics.

For further discussion about all the above phenomena and more, see section two of the book Utopia Found.