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       Serious researchers who study the so-called “crop circle” phenomena have determined that many of these are not hoaxes, nor can they be explained by ordinary means.  They are not formed by people pulling boards across fields; they appear to be created by sudden and precise “microwaving” of the plants in the field so they bend without breaking.  Unusual amounts of radioactivity have been observed within the formations.  Some researchers claim that seeds from the areas of crop circles grow faster and produce more nutritious grain than seeds from other parts of the fields.  People who enter these areas claim they feel an overwhelming sense of peace, and instances of healing have been reported.  Many believe these are messages from otherworldly intelligence regarding a rapidly-approaching paradigm shift for humanity.  Unfortunately, major media outlets have chosen to ignore these mysterious patterns, so most people either do not take them seriously or are unaware that they continue to be created on an almost daily basis.

       On July 13, 2011, on Windmill Hill in Avebury, Wiltshire, a crop circle appeared which consisted of two conjoined double-spirals, each of which emanated from a central dot.  On the same day, another similar crop circle appeared on Chaddenwick Hill, near Mere, in Wiltshire.  These formations resemble spiraling neutron stars, which sometimes collide to form a magnetar.  The incredibly strong magnetic fields of magnetars could conceivably create an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, or a wormhole through  space-time.  The following day, on July 14, 2011, astronomers in Spain detected the formation of a new magnetar (designated as: “SWIFT J1822.3 Star-1606”).  As of 2023, fewer than 30 magnetars have been discovered.  The formation and timing of the glyphs has never been explained.




       On November 20, 1969, as Apollo 12 took off from the Moon, the astronauts dropped their ascent-stage module. When it collided with the Moon’s surface, the shockwaves were measured by seismometers that had been left behind.  To everyone’s surprise, they picked up a lot more than the little thud they were expecting.  The Moon reverberated for an hour, like a giant bell.  The vibrations took eight minutes to peak, and slowly subsided after that.  Needless to say, this is not what happens on Earth when a large object is dropped.  On the Apollo 13 mission, an even heavier object was deliberately crashed into the Moon as a test.  This time the Moon rang like a gong for three hours and 22 minutes.  What does this mean?  If you think about it for a moment, you should be able to put two and two together.  Which raises another obvious question, for, as Carl Sagan famously said, “A natural satellite cannot be a hollow object.” 


       We are told that the Moon is made of basalt on the surface, but that a layer of titanium is underneath.  Large parts of the Moon’s surface are referred to as seas (maria), like the Sea of Tranquility.  These are cooled sheets of once-molten titanium.  Coincidentally, titanium is what we use to make jet fighters, because of its high strength-to-weight ratio.  Astronomers have long noted that the largest craters on the Moon are not much deeper than the smaller craters, as if a hard exterior shell were preventing any impact from causing too much damage.  We have also been informed that Uranium 238 and Neptunium 237 have been found on the Moon: materials that can only be produced by technological means.  Rust-proof iron was also found on the Moon, something we do not know how to make.  We are told by scientists that the Moon is 25% the size of Earth, but that it only has 1.2% of Earth’s mass.  Moreover, in 2013 it was discovered that a "strange mass" of an estimated two quadrillion tons was under the south pole of the Moon, causing uneven gravity there.  The Moon does not rotate in relation to Earth: one side always faces us and one side always faces away.  At the exact point where the Moon is nearest to Earth, there is a pinnacle called the Shard.  There have been many sightings of lights on the Moon, structures on its surface, and even a 12-mile-long bridge that several astronomers witnessed appear and disappear in 1952. 


       When Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and the other Apollo 11 astronauts returned to Earth after being the first humans to set foot on the Moon, you would naturally expect their press conference to have been jubilant.  It was actually somber.  The men were quiet, downcast, and appeared depressed.   They looked like kids who had been whipped at school.  The only plausible explanation is that the astronauts had been ordered not to discuss what they had actually seen.  According to Ken Johnston, a former manager at NASA, Neil Armstrong, while on the Moon, at one point switched to the medical channel for communication and said, “They’re here.  They’re parked around the rim of the crater and they’re watching us.”  In Timothy Good's book, Above Top Secret, he claims that, according to his sources, a more complete version of what Armstrong said was something like, "These babies are huge, sir, enormous!   Oh my God, you wouldn't believe it!  I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater's edge!  They're on the Moon watching us!"  In a 1994 press conference at the White House, Armstrong said, “There are great ideas undiscovered: breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers.  There are places to go beyond belief.”  Buzz Aldrin later admitted in a TV interview that they had been followed in space by a glowing object.


       In one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (“Who Watches the Watchers?” season three, episode four), a planet with a bronze-age civilization was being monitored by Federation scientists from inside a mountain.  When the holographic projector that disguised their observation post accidentally stopped working, the humanoid inhabitants of the planet discovered that the mountain was hollow.  Contact was made.  Captain Picard was forced to show them around his spaceship and explain the whole situation.  In the final scene, Picard told the inhabitants of Mintaka III that he was leaving them forever, but said that the Federation would be watching them as they progressed, essentially advising them to keep on acting naturally as if they weren't being watched.  Star Trek: The Next Generation usually had the best stories and characters, but their ending scenes were often abrupt and poorly-planned.  I felt that was especially true in this case.  If the goal of the Federation was not to interfere in the development of other planets by revealing themselves, hadn’t they already bungled that one?  Since their cover was blown and the people of the planet had asked the Federation to stay and teach them, why not stick around to assist?  It seemed doubtful that any race as intelligent as the Mintakans, after seeing behind the curtain, would fail to remember the fact that they were being observed by people from outer space.  Nobody could be that inattentive.


       Or could they?

Milk Hill crop circle




       Up until 2001, the largest and most famous crop formation was the one that appeared on August 12 of that year at Milk Hill, Wiltshire, in the U.K.  This symmetrical formation was 878 feet in diameter.  It had a stunningly complex design, being composed of 409 individual circles of various sizes, with six spiral arms (each made with an arc of 13 circles, with appendage circles attached) radiating from a large central circle.  The seventh circle in each of these arms was identical in size to the central circle (making a total of seven of these largest circles), and each of these seventh circles was connected to the end of the spiral arm beside it.  The figure gives the impression of a graceful, interwoven, flowing mandala.  It appeared overnight, with no sign of human involvement in its creation.  

Oregon 1990. sri yantra


       On August 10, 1990, in the Alvord Desert (in a remote part of southern Oregon), a pilot from the 109th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, while on a routine flight, noticed something unusual.  Lt. Bill Miller had passed over the Mickey Basin half an hour earlier and seen nothing, but when he returned to the spot, a giant formation had been drawn in the dry lake bed below.  It was about a quarter of a mile in diameter, made with over 13 miles of lines etched into the desert floor with absolute machine precision.  The glyph was a complex one: a Hindu-Buddhist Sri Yantra, a sacred geometric figure used for meditation purposes in India and Tibet.  The shape represents the flow of energy in the universe, from the manifest to the state of non-duality, where subject and object become one.  It is used for focused concentration in Yoga, aiding people in their ascent to enlightenment. 

       The government concealed the discovery of the glyph from the public until September 12, 1990.  After reports leaked out, it caused a sensation in the news.  About a week later, a man named Bill Witherspoon from Iowa came forward and claimed he had made it with some friends using simple tools like ropes and boards.  Interest in the diagram largely died down, as the mystery appeared to have been solved.  Some remained skeptical of the story told by Witherspoon, as it did not hold up well under scrutiny.  He said he and his friends had made the formation over the course of ten days, but, as we know, the figure actually appeared, fully-formed, in under half an hour.  The first researchers to the scene on September 15th had found no footprints or other signs of disturbance in the desert.  In an attempt to demonstrate how they had done it, Witherspoon and his friends made some marks on the desert floor, but they were only able to gouge an uneven, narrow, 1/4 inch deep line with great difficulty.  The lines in the desert were a uniform 10 inches wide, exactly three inches deep in all places, and flawless in their construction.  Based on all these discrepancies, it seems that Witherspoon and his buddies were paid to lie about their involvement in order to prevent the public from believing in other-worldly intelligence.  James W. Deardorff, a retired professor of science from Oregon State University, appeared on local television to express his reservations about the confession story.  He suspected extra-terrestrials were involved and that the team who confessed to making it had been hired to create a cover story.

       A 2019 documentary (Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery) features interviews with the men who said they made the figure.  Their presentations are so convincing that they make the extra-terrestrial theory sound ridiculous.  The story of the discovery of the glyph is retold, making it look as if the Air National Guard did not immediately see the shape on the desert floor, but instead had to go back through their previous catalog of images to find it.  It sounds good, but it all remains a bit suspicious.  First of all, if it was such a simple matter for these men to make such a perfect, low-tech image on the desert floor, why don’t they or someone else replicate it to prove how easily it could be done?  Second, it has been consistent government policy to play down all reports of beyond-human intelligence and make up stories (like about weather balloons).  Third, as cover-ups go, this one would be a simple, low-budget operation.  The documentary is a slick production, but what appears to be the unvarnished truth could easily be a well-crafted lie.  Have you ever tried to scratch a perfectly straight line over a hundred yards long in the desert with nothing but a rope and a board?  Try doing this and keeping the grooves you dig exactly three inches deep everywhere as you go.  Do you think you and your friends could make such an immaculate image that a professional surveyor would stare at it in amazement?  Look again at the perfection of the design in the desert.  It was estimated by pros that creating something so precise would have cost $100,000 back in 1990.  It hardly seems to be the kind of thing a handful of amateurs with boards and ropes could just crank out, even if they took their time.  And remember: initial reports (after the initial known cover-up) said that this figure was impossible to miss from the sky and that it appeared, fully formed, in under half an hour.  Everyone agrees that there were no footprints around it.  In their videos, they are walking, not levitating, so where did their footprints go?

       For the public, it remains an unsolved mystery, although someone out there definitely knows the truth.  There is persuasive evidence both for and against a non-human creation theory for the figure.  If we assume for a moment that it was not man-made, then we must ask what meaning might be attached to the appearance of this particular symbol at this particular time and place.  It arrived in 1990, at a moment when the impact of global warming was becoming irrefutable.  It was situated near the western edge of North America.  Viewed from the center of the country, it seems to form an arrow, pointing across the Pacific towards Asia.  It could be indicating the need to combine the esoteric teachings of the East (the practice of Yoga) with the traditions of the West.  It could signify the need for humanity to look within and seek spiritual evolution above all else.  If, that is, it wasn’t just a summer project for ten guys from Iowa who had nothing better to do.





       On August 15th, 2002 a crop formation appeared at Crabwood Farm in Chilbolton in the U.K.  It shows a triangular alien face and a disc with binary coding.  Crop circle researcher Paul Vigay discovered that the message on the disc was written in ASCII computer code.  Reading from the center outward, he decoded the message.  It basically said, “Beware of the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.  Much pain but still time.  Believe there is good out there.  We oppose deception.  Conduit closing (bell sound).”  Based on its complexity and the speed of its creation, it is hard to see how this could have been man-made.  If there is even the slightest possibility that interdimensional and possibly extraterrestrial beings felt this short message was so important that it was worth all the effort to transmit it to us,  shouldn't it be worthy of our attention?  So what might it mean?  “Much pain” implies a lot of suffering around the corner for humanity.  “Still time” suggests that we will survive and change our ways.  “Believe there is good out there” suggests an offer of friendship.  “Deception” implies that disclosure is coming.  "Conduit closing" seems to imply that, for the time being, there will be no more messages of this kind.  Should we fasten our seatbelts?

crop circle message
Aricabo reply
Aricebo transmitter




       How many people have heard of SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence?  Most of us.  How many people know about the Aricebo message?  Not many.  How many people know about the reply?  Very few.  Why is that?


       On November 16, 1974, a message was sent to outer space.  Frank Drake and Carl Sagan created a message to be sent in just 1,679 digits of binary code towards the Hercules Constellation (globular cluster Messier 13), some 25,000 light years away.  The message was sent from the Aricebo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, with about a million times the power of the average television broadcast.  The message was meant to create a rectangular grid of 23 squares by 73 squares.  In mathematical language, which was difficult to interpret except by people who are experts in their field, the picture that emerged in the decoded grid described a number of things about ourselves and our solar system.  The pictures in the matrix were meant to convey the following:


*The decimal system we use for counting

*The atomic numbers of the five elements that compose our DNA

*Formulas for the chemical compounds that make the nucleotides of our DNA

*The number of nucleotides in human DNA

*The double helix shape of DNA

*The height of the average human being

*The shape of humans

*The population of Earth at that time

*The number of planets in our solar system

*The planet we live on in our solar system

*A picture of the Aricebo radio telescope that was used to send the message


        According to standard thinking, the message would take 25,000 years to arrive at its target constellation, so if there were any life forms there who got the message and sent it back without any delay, it would still take 50,000 years for their reply message to arrive on Earth.  On August 14, 2001, people were surprised to discover a rectangular shape (a so-called “crop circle") appear right beside the radio telescope in Chilbolton, England.  When viewed from above, there was a face inside the rectangle.  On August 17, a grid appeared in the same field.  This grid was in exactly the same configuration (23 by 73 squares) as the Aricebo message.  There were some differences, though.  Instead of carbon, the element silicon appears as the main element for life.  Additional strands appear in the DNA.  The population is 21 billion.  The body shape is different, with a larger head in proportion to the  body.  The height is smaller: more like four feet tall.  Two or three inhabited planets are indicated in the drawing of a solar system.  At the bottom of the grid, the picture of the device used to send the message is very different.  It is more complex, like the roof of the Hagia Sophia, having smaller circles and parts of circles branching off the main circle in a symmetrical shape.  Fascinatingly, a year earlier, a crop formation had appeared in the exact same spot that appeared to show a more detailed version of this same exact shape (above picture, on left).


       Officials from SETI soon declared there was no evidence to suggest any extra-terrestrial cause for these formations, and this has been the pat answer from the scientific community ever since.  The problem is that no human cause has been found either.  Security cameras pointed at the field detected nothing.  There were no mistakes in the complex message, no imperfections, no footprints, and no trace of human activity.  This was the third such mysterious crop formation in this spot, and none of these glyphs was proven to have a human origin.  If evidence of a hoax was found, it seems certain that this would have been paraded out front and center.  The “reply” was swept under the rug and barely spoken of except in dismissive comments. 


       The scientific community has yet to explain exactly why this apparent reply must be a hoax, but it seems in part due to the fact that they are taking the experiment in the standard “face-value” sense in which it was originally conceived.  The idea is that, even traveling at the speed of light, it would take some 50,000 years for us to get a reply.  Okay, what’s wrong with their logic here?  Assuming other intelligent life has been visiting Earth, as seems likely from all the reports over the ages, these other races must have technology that can bend space-time, travel through dimensions, or in some way abridge the speed limit that light-speed would appear to impose on the universe.  Our galaxy is a disk approximately 100,000 light years wide and 1,000 light years thick.  To send a signal 25,000 light years away means aiming the beam of your message one-quarter of the way across the entire width of the galaxy.  How many stars are out there?  Within a mere 50 light years of Earth, there are at least 2,000 stars, and no doubt many of these have planets.  Based on the density of stars in the neighborhood, you have to wonder how they can be so certain that no one but the intended recipient of the message would be able to receive it.  What’s more, who says that aliens are sitting at home waiting for our light-speed messages to reach them?  For all we know, hundreds if not thousands of other intelligent beings regularly travel in the area of space around our solar system and are fully aware of our existence.  “Okay, so if all these aliens exist, where are they?” asks the Fermi Paradox.  This is somewhat humorous for obvious reasons.  As can be seen in numerous futurist speculations about what our culture will be like if and when we become an interstellar species, the idea of not interfering with the development of life on other planets is an obvious responsibility.  Anyone who has seen Star Trek must be aware of the Prime Directive.  This is not unlike the job of a naturalist, whose job is to study wildlife in a way that does not harm the ecosystem.  It would seem they don't want to be seen yet, at least not by everyone.  The fact that we don't see them is in no way proof that they are not there.  We have all seen nature documentaries where hidden cameras observe intimate behavior among animals in a burrow.  The unsuspecting critters go about their business, never imagining that they are the stars of a reality TV show being watched by millions of humans.  I can imagine a new Far Side cartoon: a family is gathered around their TV set, and on the screen the male prairie dog is on a couch next to the female prairie dog, his arm around her, and says: “What do you mean, you feel like we’re being watched?”  With current nanobot technology, we could make eavesdropping and video surveillance equipment the size of insects.  This year it was reported that MRIs connected to AI systems can learn to read our brain activity well enough to guess fairly accurately what kind of picture people are looking at just by watching their neural pathways light up.  Do you think a civilization that can bend time and space to reach us from across the galaxy (or beyond) wouldn’t be able to do an even better job of spying on us?  Assuming they exist and are visiting us, how hard would it be to watch every move we make, predict our behavior, and read our minds?  If they are watching us so closely now, isn't it more than likely that we have been under observation for a long time already?


       I have no way of knowing for certain whether or not the Aricebo reply was a hoax, but odds seem low that it was.  Very few people in the world would have had the inside knowledge to design it, and it is hard to believe these experts would have had a motive, let alone be able to pull off such a complicated prank.  My point is that if we are genuinely interested to find out the truth about extra-terrestrials, it shows amazing blindness on our part to pay so little attention to messages that might well be from extra-terrestrials, and that are conveyed right out in the open, seemingly in direct answer to our own message.  Some people ridicule the notion of communication from outer space appearing in a field of grain.  They ask: why don't these supposed aliens just make a radio message directly to the authorities?  The possible answer to that is simple.  If they did, the message would be kept secret by the authorities and the rest of us would never be told that it happened.  By putting these messages in sight of everyone, the transmissions are seen and recorded into the public domain before they can be covered up.  Discovery of alien civilizations would be the biggest news in history, yet we are treating instances of potential contact like an article in a tabloid at the checkout stand.  A few years ago, the head of SETI made a speech claiming they still had no evidence of alien intelligence.  Someone on the internet put her picture next to images of these crop figures (right beside SETI radio telescopes) and quoted the captain from Cool Hand Luke: "What we've got here is failure to communicate."  It is reminiscent of the saying in the Gospel of Thomas, saying 39 (much like Luke 11:52): they have taken the keys of knowledge and hidden them. 


       Until and unless we rule out the hypothesis that such communications are genuine, we should all be following closely.  Unfortunately, besides the YouTube channel "The Why Files" (Aliens & Espionage), very few people give this sort of phenomena the attention it deserves.  The standard line of thinking is that a message couldn’t have come back so quickly since the light didn’t have time to travel that far.  If we underestimate the abilities of civilizations that may be thousands or millions of years beyond us in their development, it is akin to ants in an ant farm going about their business in a state of blissful ignorance, full of a false certainty that they are not being watched.  I humbly point out that intelligences as advanced as those for whom we claim to be searching (assuming they exist) could easily have been observing the brainwave patterns of Carl Sagan and Frank Drake the entire time they were creating the Aricebo message.  If this were the case, they could have given the reply before the message was even sent.  Instead of asking how aliens could have responded so quickly to the message, a better question might be: why did they wait 27 years?

Screenshot 2023-09-24 120447.png



       If you look up the Roswell Incident on Wikipedia, it is referred to as the most thoroughly debunked of UFO reports.  If you do your own research on the subject, you will probably find the opposite to be true: it is the most compelling.  On July, 8, 1947, the U.S. Army reported that a crashed, disc-shaped spacecraft had been recovered.  The next day, the Army retracted this story, saying it was really nothing more than a weather balloon.  Is it possible that pieces of a weather balloon were mistaken for a flying saucer?  Multiple people have described a kind of metal like aluminum foil that can be crumpled up in the hand, and when released, it will slowly regain its original shape all by itself.  This does not sound like the aluminum foil they sell at Safeway.  Many witnesses have given an identical description of alien bodies that were recovered: small bodies with large heads and extremely tight-fitting clothing.  Corso calls the aliens Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs).  When modern researchers analyzed the photo of Army personnel examining the pieces of the purported weather balloon, they discovered that by looking closely at the original negative, they could actually read part of the letter in one of the official’s hands.  The words “urgent,” “victims,” “wreck,” and “disk” were all in the letter ("The Why Files": The Truth About Roswell).  Piecing together what fragments could be recovered, it appears to be instructions for them to deliberately hide the truth and take photos of weather balloon pieces for the press in order to make the cover story more believable.


       Philip Corso’s book, The Day After Roswell, was published in 1997.  Corso claims that he was a lieutenant colonel in 1947.  He says he saw the alien bodies from the Roswell crash while they were in transit through his base.  According to Corso, in 1961 he was given a collection of exotic artifacts from the crash and told to disperse them clandestinely to various tech companies that could use them for research and development.  He says this was already underway at numerous other sites, and that his project was just one of many highly-compartmentalized programs.  Corso says Project Bluebook was “created to make the general public happy that they had a mechanism for reporting what they saw” (page 78).  All authoritative sources corroborate Corso's assessment of Project Bluebook, including the director of the project himself, J. Allen Hyneck, who described in a later interview what the project officials had been told and how they had behaved: "They were told not to excite the public: don't rock the boat. . . Cases that were difficult to explain they would jump handsprings to keep the media away from.  They had a job to do: to keep the public from getting excited."  Corso describes an endless series of secret groups within secret groups, each of which acts outside normal governmental control, spending generous black budget funds to further its own agenda (pages 83-84).  All of this fits perfectly with what others have reported, from politicians who say they have searched in vain for facts about Roswell to whistleblowers who all tell the same story about ET spacecraft but are stonewalled and met with nothing but denials.  NASA only recently (Sept. 2023) announced to the world with a straight face that they had no evidence whatsoever of any extra-terrestrial origin for UFOs (or UAPs, as they now prefer to call them), and the Pentagon did the same in March of 2024.  Corso claims that the pieces he passed on to tech companies were instrumental in the development of (among other things) night vision, fiber optics, lasers, integrated circuits, particle beams, and depleted uranium projectiles (page 115).  He specifically mentions having been involved with Bell Labs, Motorola, Western Electric, Monsanto, Dow, and Du Pont.  Corso claims that tracking radars were able to disrupt the navigational equipment of UFOs and that some were brought down, including one in Germany in 1974 (page 127).  He claims that the military planned but never created a manned base on the Moon called Project Horizon.  He says that the entire Strategic Defense Initiative back in the 80s was never meant to counter Soviet ICBMs as Reagan said, but was actually intended to shoot down UFOs.  


       The poor quality of the writing makes the story especially believable (it is written about the way you would expect a guy like Corso to write), but perhaps the most convincing element in the narrative is Corso’s military point of view.  He never recognizes the obvious fact that the extraterrestrials he describes could have invaded Earth long ago had they wanted to do so, but have refrained from taking hostile actions against us for centuries or maybe millennia.  On the contrary, he makes melodramatic statements that would fit well in an old issue of Pravda.  On pages 121-122, he writes, “To the EBEs, we were . . .  prey,” “they had an advantage over us that we couldn’t overcome unless we acquired the technological ability to put up enough of a defense to make their cost too high to engage in any large-scale warfare,” “all the while we were still planning, measuring their hostile intentions,” and “They meant us harm, and we knew it.”  On page 128, he says, “military intelligence analysts supported the view that Earth was already under some form of probing attack by one or more alien cultures who were testing both our ability and resolve to defend ourselves.”  This somewhat block-headed position is consistently taken by Corso throughout the book, despite the lack of alien craft attacking human targets now or in the past, when our defenses were even more primitive.  Does he think that they just discovered our planet in 1947 and wanted to invade but were deterred by our impressive technology and intelligence?  This conclusion seems unlikely, yet he stands by it.  His one-sided, paranoid assessment is consistent with what you would expect from a military mindset: everything outside your own nation is seen as a threat, and more weaponry is needed ASAP.  On page 126, he cites a 1955 New York Times article quoting General Douglas MacArthur as saying, “The nations of the world will have to unite for the next war will be an interplanetary war.  The nations of the Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.”  This suggests that top brass like MacArthur also knew about the alien situation, and were likewise viewing it more as a threat from space than anything else, in spite of the distinct lack of aggression towards humanity.   Again, this may have been due to a combination of his adversarial mindset and the selective way in which facts were presented to him.  On pages 156-157, Corso says, “Nobody was looking for an out-and-out war, especially the EBEs who tried to scare us away from the moon and their own base there more times than even I know.  They buzzed our ships, interfered with our communications, and sought to threaten us by their physical presence.  But we continued and persevered.”  Spoken like a true agent of the “military intelligence” system.  He sounds like a child who is whining because he is not the undisputed king of the universe and at the same time wanting to be rewarded with a lollipop for standing up to those mean old aliens who he says “buzzed” his space capsule.  First he says they intend to do us harm and then he says they don't want war.  So which is it?  The poor baby.  Did they in any way disintegrate or disable your flimsy little capsule with its pocket calculator-capacity computer inside?  No?  Then I wouldn’t really call their actions hostile, would you?  Like a child, in the absence of hard evidence, he repeats himself and spins the story hard to make the reader agree with him.  He humbly claims at the end of the book that he saved his country, his planet, and his species at the same time.  He leaves us with the immortal words of that great philosopher, Davy Crockett: "Be sure you're right, then go ahead."  You may want to take a moment to order that on a wall-sized poster.  This speaks volumes about Corso's attitude.  When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


       Every other relatively reliable source on the subject of UFOs supports the basic narrative given by Corso.  If it's a lie, it's a very convincing one.  The main question that has been going through my mind since the book came out has been: if his story is true, why was Corso allowed to reveal all this?  Possible answers include (1) it is the first step in a gradual disclosure that must come eventually, (2) it is such a limited revelation that it doesn’t make any difference at this point, and (3) in a free society with so many different theories being floated at any one time, it will have little impact.  And indeed (if the book is telling the truth), nothing much has changed.  If the story is a fabrication, the explanation is easier: no one in power cares what he writes because it is just fiction.  The ramifications of Corso’s claims, if true, are mind-boggling, yet we as a society seem far more interested in sports, movies, social media, and concerts than in getting to the bottom of things.  According to the old X-Files motto, “The truth is out there.”  Americans, however, seem far too distracted to care.  As long as a potential reality (no matter how important its implications) remains unproven, we have learned to put it out of our minds and just keep on surfing the internet for our next dopamine fix.  When someone makes a blockbuster movie about it, maybe we will watch it on Netflix. 


       The question remains: how much of Corso’s story is true?

       As an adjunct to Corso's story, at the end of the documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, Dr. Steven Greer tells of an encounter from 1956 in which an alien craft reportedly landed at White Sands, New Mexico, where Corso was stationed.  Corso supposedly went out in a jeep to meet with the EBE one on one.  According to Greer's version, the alien asked Corso to stop targeting their craft with powerful radar.  Corso asked what was in it for him.  The alien supposedly answered, "A new world, if you can take it."

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       On July 15, 2008, a crop circle appeared at Avebury Manor, Wiltshire, that clearly showed the location of the planets of our solar system as they would appear on December 23, 2012.  This date was prominent in the news at the time because it corresponded almost exactly to the end of one Mayan calendar age and the start of another.  The strange thing about the planetary chart was that it showed an unknown object between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. 


       Four years later, in September of 2012, Russian astronomers at the International Scientific Optical Network discovered a new comet, which was named ISON (C/2012 S1).  It was approaching the center of the solar system from the Oort cloud, and would reach its nearest point to the sun at the end of November, 2013.  The odd thing was that this comet, whose existence had not yet been discovered back in 2008, was in approximately the same position in our solar system on December 23, 2012 as the mystery object drawn in the crop circle.  

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       The famous Drake Equation is an attempt to quantify the number of alien civilizations that may exist in the galaxy.  It hypothesizes that the number of civilizations that could communicate with humans is equal to the following factors multiplied together:


       *The rate of star formation.

       *The fraction of stars that have planets.

       *The mean number of planets that could support life.

       *The fraction of these planets that actually develop life.

       *The fraction of those planets where intelligent life develops.

       *The fraction of these planets that developed interstellar communication technology.

       *The mean length of time that these civilizations can communicate.  


       It sounds good, but this equation contains some inherent assumptions that might be incorrect.  For one thing, it assumes that civilizations have a limited arc and then cease to exist.  This fits with the current understanding of the universe on a linear map of time.  We think of things as having begun with the “Big Bang” (which we can in no way explain) and ending when the universe expands to the point where all matter is so far apart and hydrogen fuel for stars so rare that life becomes impossible.  This might be all wrong.  It assumes that life is the chemical process that we think started in primordial seas (something we still do not understand), which may me only a small part of the picture.  It may be that multidimensional consciousness allows existence in dimensions beyond ordinary space-time, and that entire species can enter this higher-dimensional state.  They may be able to go back and forth through the dimension we call “time” at will.  From this expanded point of view, the universe may look more like a shifting sea of lotus blossoms, of which we currently only see the unmoving edge of a single petal.  Time may be a road that can be traveled in any direction (the way we think of traveling in space), or it may be like a mobius strip, a toroidal form, a spiral, a fractal, something else entirely, or an illusion altogether.  Another important thing to remember is that there may be trans-dimensional, non-human, intelligent beings which may or may not have a definable space-time origin, or which may have their origins anywhere, including Earth.  There may be intelligent entities that are far beyond us in capability, yet are completely non-technological and perhaps even non-corporeal.  In addition, the formula is intended to calculate the number of civilizations that exist at any given time that can communicate with us.  The built-in supposition here is that everyone in the galaxy is sitting at home sending radio messages to one another, not already positioned all around us and monitoring our development.  Another important aspect of the formula is the possibility that reincarnation is real, and that many, if not all of us, have been incarnated as ETs in previous lives.  If our spirits travel back and forth between inhabited planets the way oxygen atoms pass between living beings, then we ourselves could in a sense be called extraterrestrials.  No doubt there are many other valid possibilities that the simplistic Drake Equation fails to take into account that are beyond our current understanding or imagination.


       The number the formula spits out as a result depends entirely on the numbers we put in.  How common are planets that can support life?  How common is the development of life on these planets?  Based on these numbers we feed in, which are anyone’s guess, we could get totals ranging from zero into the billions.  Those who doubt there is any life in the rest of the universe are definitely betting against the odds.  There are an estimated 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, and there are an estimated two trillion galaxies in the observable universe (which, according to some estimates, may be less than one half of one percent of the entire universe).  Considering this, how likely is it that intelligent life only developed on Earth?  Those who scoff at the idea of extraterrestrial life are about as sophisticated as the witch-testers in Monty Python and The Holy Grail.  If we think of the universe as an origami construct folded an infinite number of times, we realize that the immense distances between stars might not be as daunting a barrier to travel as we usually assume.  Moreover, not only could technologies allow beings to teleport instantly from any point to any other point, but trans-dimensional existence might allow entities from other parts of the Milky Way or from distant galaxies to “visit” without ever being here physically, observing us as if looking through a magic portal.  


       This may sound like a lot of far out crazy-talk, but there have been some very high-profile, extremely credible statements on the matter of extraterrestrial contact.  President Truman said, “I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth.”  Engineer Robert Sarbacher, who had a PhD in nuclear science and physics from Harvard, who studied under Einstein at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies, and who served as the Director of Research for National Scientific Laboratories, admitted in a letter to William Steinman that the rumors about UFO crashes were "substantially correct."  In chapter four of Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs, the author cites Bill Holden, loadmaster for Air Force One, who claimed that in the summer of 1963, President John F. Kennedy told him, "I'd like to tell the public about the alien situation, but my hands are tied."  In the documentary Unacknowledged, a man claims that he served breakfast to JFK and heard him mention UFOs.  According to him, JFK asked him what he thought about that day's newspaper headline (which was related to UFOs).  The man said that he thought we couldn't be the only living beings in God's creation.  He said Kennedy answered him, "You're right, young man.  There is considerable knowledge as far as the actual being of ET and UFO phenomena that we are aware of today."  In April of 2011, it was revealed that JFK had written a letter, dated November 12, 1963, to the director of the CIA, John McCone, requesting "all UFO intelligence files."  Mikhail Gorbachev stated, "The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously."  In 2005, former Canadian Defence Secretary Paul Hellyer said that UFOs were "as real as the airplanes flying over your head,” and that the major powers were concealing their knowledge of ET contact from the public.  He said in an interview with Vice News, “I am sure that there are aliens that are aware of what I am doing, but probably more than one species, because they communicate by mental telepathy, and consequently they can read your mind, and you can’t hide what you’re thinking even.  So they would know exactly what everyone’s doing, what you’re thinking, and I’m sure I’m no exception.”  In a 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure before Congress, he said, “But just as children survive the idea of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus when they become adults, I think that tax-paying citizens are quite capable of accepting the new and broader reality that we live in a cosmos teeming with life of various sorts.”  He describes in his Vice News interview that a U.S. Air Force general assured him, regarding the book, The Day After Roswell: “Every word is true and more.”  He said that the general told him there had been face-to-face meetings between U.S. government officials and ETs from other star systems.  He describes the existence of aliens on Earth (including what he calls short grays, tall grays, Nordics, and beings resembling a praying mantises), and says there are alien bases here as well.  He says he suspects the alien interest in our nuclear arsenal stems from a concern that we will destroy ourselves like children playing with matches, and the shutdown of ICBM launch sites suggests to him that they are prepared to intervene to prevent this from happening.  Astronaut Gordon Cooper claimed to have seen UFOs while in outer space.  He said there was a massive cover-up related to this issue.  He stated, "I believe that these ET vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from their planets, which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on Earth."  Another high-profile claimant was Israel’s former Space Security Chief, Haim Eshed.  He went public in 2020, claiming that the major governments of the world had been contacted by a galactic federation of ET races.  He says they are waiting for humanity to reach a stage where we understand what space and spaceships really are.  He said that cooperation agreements have been made between the U.S. Government and ETs.  In Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, Jan Harzan, executive director of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), relates that he attended a talk by Ben Rich, the second director of Lockheed-Martin's Skunk Works (where the most secret experimental projects are undertaken).  He claims that Rich concluded the speech by saying, "We now have the technology to take ET home."  Harzan says that he pursued Rich afterward and asked him exactly how we would be able to reach the stars.  According to him, Rich responded, "Well, let me ask you a question: how does ESP work?"  Harzan says that he answered with the first thing that came to his mind, "All points in space and time are connected," to which Rich quipped, "That's how it works," before walking away.  As he was on his deathbed, Ben Rich reportedly said, "We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them to benefit humanity."  People like Bob Lazar, Dr. Steven Greer, Richard Doty, and David Grusch all have very interesting stories to tell, as do many others.  I don’t want to get lost in the minutiae of their individual claims or their credibility; do your own research and draw your own conclusions.  In the process, be careful to remain open-minded about the possibilities, but at the same time maintain a healthy skepticism and be cautious to avoid trickery.  This is especially challenging because when we search for reliable facts in this area, we enter a wilderness of mirrors.  The task is somewhat like juggling and dancing while walking a tightrope.  There is a sea of disinformation out there, often masquerading as disclosure, and these sources skillfully mix truth with fabrication.  If we are to peel back the layers of the onion, we must all become detectives like Sherlock Holmes.  We must do careful investigation, consider all the evidence, and try to fit all the facts together in a form of supersymmetry.  We must use Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s dictum, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”     


       While we should not believe in purported psychics without proof, this does not mean that we should not give them a fair hearing.  It makes sense that the mind and spirit are far keener instruments than any machine we can devise, and not all messages are sent on a frequency that our radio telescopes can pick up.  Currently, a number of people are claiming to channel messages from two races in particular that (according to them) are benevolent and interested in assisting humanity.  One, the Arcturians, are said to be from the Boötes (Boh-OH-teez) Constellation, some 36.7 light years away.  They are described as tall humanoids with blue skin and triangular faces.  They are said to be angelic, trans-dimensional beings.  Some claim that they are the leaders in the project to assist humanity energetically without direct interference.  Some say these are the main entities behind the crop circle phenomenon, and indeed, the Crabwood Farm formation of 2002 appears to correspond to the alleged facial structure of an Arcturian.  The second postulated race, the Pleiadians, are supposed to be from the Pleiades, some 410-444 light years away.  The Pleiadian Constellation is described by some to contain a variety of races, but the most high-profile of these is described as being the Taygetans, who are supposedly very human-like, and especially similar in appearance to Scandinavians, which is why they are therefore nicknamed “Nordics.”  


       We like to think that science is reliable and the revelations of psychics are unreliable, but if we were granted omniscience, we might feel differently.  Certain psychics may be shedding light on truths that science will not realize for centuries, if ever.  It would be easy to ignore these claims of psychics, but some of their messages are highly interesting.  They have a great deal in common with the spiritual teachings of all major religions.  Moreover, they contain warnings about a time of trouble that is rapidly approaching and a cosmic shift that will occur on our planet in the next few years.  When it is over, they say, the best of all possible timelines for humanity’s future will become a reality.  The survivors of the shift will be “in the groove,” so to speak.  The messages hint that when the smoke clears and we humans stop being a threat to ourselves and others, a peaceful galactic federation of advanced civilizations may be willing to help us save our ruined environment if we ask for their assistance.


       So what is the truth and how can we calculate the odds with a logical equation?  The truth is out there, immutable and rock-solid, but the problem is that, so long as it remains hidden, we can never make a meaningful calculation as to the probability of it being one way or another.  It is hilarious the way C-3PO in Star Wars and Spock in Star Trek crank out extremely detailed odds of success in various enterprises, and do so on the fly, as if they had access to all the variables it would take to make such computations.  The Drake Equation is a lot like this.  It makes some assumptions that may not have any bearing on reality, and it ultimately does not bring us any closer to peeking behind the veil.  We can make extremely precise calculations about the unknown, enough to impress conferences full of scientists, but in the end, they may be completely inaccurate, fit only for the waste basket.  When we come to a fork in the road, we can calculate the best course based on what we know about probabilities from the past, but the events of the future may be unprecedented, so all our fancy mathematics may be meaningless.  We can estimate the odds that a given hand in a round of poker will be the winning hand, but it is not until we see the cards of other players that we know for sure whether we should have folded or bet it all.  From player A's point of view, it might be calculated that there is a 17.5% chance that player B has a royal flush, but from player B's point of view, having seen their own hand, there may be a 100% chance that they have a royal flush.  Prior to Columbus running into the Americas, what were the odds, according to contemporary European calculations, that such a vast “New World” could possibly have existed across the ocean?  All the skepticism of all the learned experts of Christendom in 1492 about the possibility of unknown land masses had no effect whatsoever on the solidity of these continents or the fact that Europeans were on a collision course with them.  If we could see what was really going on in the larger universe, or see into the future, we might think in an entirely different way than we do now.  We might have a Truman Show moment, in which we realize that nothing about our world actually conforms to our deeply-held ideas about it.  Just imagine what the mainstream belief about the outside world must be on North Sentinel Island, where people still live in the Stone Age.  How would a person from this insular, primitive culture have their mind blown if they were able to suddenly download, Matrix-style, all the knowledge contained in all our libraries?  Odds are that this is nothing compared to what we would experience if we were suddenly able to download the collective knowledge of all the other intelligent life forms in our galaxy, let alone our universe.  It would be akin to the enigmatic ending of the 1968 movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey.  We would need a far larger vessel than the human brain to contain it all.  We need to bear this in mind and be humble in our lack of knowledge.


       Is any of this speculation about ETs reflected in actuality, or is it sheer fantasy?  For the time being, while some people claim to know (and some people must know) the answer, the public does not currently have enough information to state anything with certainty.  We can only agree that it remains a mystery.  It will be solved someday maybe someday soon but only with sincere effort on our part.



       Seven billion years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, two large black holes merged together.  On May 21, 2019, astronomers on Earth finally measured the gravitational waves from this cosmic event, which had taken that long to reach us.  After analyzing the data for five months, scientists concluded that this was in fact evidence of a merger of black holes.  This was the 44th time this had been observed by humans.  The event was named GW190521 by astronomers.  It was the largest merger of black holes ever recorded.  A black hole of 85 solar masses and another of 66 solar masses combined to form a single black hole that was 142 solar masses.  Nine solar masses were instantly dispersed in the form of energy when they joined.  


       On May 22, 2019, an interesting crop circle appeared in a field of barley in Norridge Wood, England.  It seems to represent the collision of black holes.  This was the day after the gravitational waves were noticed but still five months before the scientific community had reached a consensus that this was actually evidence of a merger of black holes.  The circle within a circle at the center of the formation could be representing the flare from the new, enlarged black hole, which was seen more than a month later.  

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       Conventional physics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed and that it basically runs downhill.  The take-away from this is that energy only comes from stars, and that all we can do is collect some of the light they shine on us in electrical or chemical form, harness it briefly for food or fuel, then capture more.  Solar and wind energy are increasingly attractive alternatives for the time being, but these are imperfect and impractical when it comes to providing a complete solution over the long term.  One possibility is that we may someday create our own indoor stars with fusion reactors, which would allow us to unleash the energy of hydrogen, the most plentiful element in the universe.  According to certain reputable sources, another real possibility is to harness the nearly limitless power that may exist in every cubic centimeter of space within the quantum flux.  This is called zero point energy.


       It sounds too good to be true, but it has been famously asserted that if properly utilized, the amount of potential quantum energy in a space the size of a teacup could boil all the water in all the oceans on earth.  Most authorities deride the notion that it could work, but certain witnesses and inventors report having experienced actual prototypes of zero point energy devices.  It has been said that there are numerous ways of harnessing the quantum flux energy, and that a device as small as a deck of cards can provide more than enough energy to run the average American house.  Tesla famously attempted to access and distribute this energy, but his experiments were discontinued for a variety of reasons and have never been pursued to a clear conclusion regarding feasibility.


       Are the energy companies and governments of the world preventing us from developing technologies that could provide us with limitless free and clean energy?  Does the technology for such devices already exist?  Whatever the truth about our current situation, if such technology is possible, and if we create educational, economic, and political systems to fully implement it, we could be looking at a human future which would have limitless abundance within a generation, putting an end to poverty and economic struggle.  Free and clean energy would make it possible to draw water out of the humidity in the air and provide enough for people and crops in any desert spot on the planet.  Moreover, we could be in a position to reverse global warming in a very short time, allowing us to end disease, clean up our polluted environment, understand metaphysical realities, and explore space.  Right now this sounds like science fiction.  The mystery is: to what extent can this rosy future become the reality of tomorrow?  In the 2020s, Tesla’s vision of clean, free energy from over a hundred years ago remains an unrealized dream.  Will the people of the 2120s still think of it this way, or will they view the years from the 1920s to the 2020s as nothing more than a speedbump, after which we picked up where Tesla left off, successfully harnessing zero point energy on a large scale for the benefit of all?

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