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       Nostradamus is sometimes criticized for his failings.  One that is often mentioned is a certain prediction for July of 1999, when he said a "king of terror" would appear.  Since no one showed up in that month and claimed to be the King of Terror on the nightly news, people assumed he was mistaken.  At that time I was not yet familiar with the prediction, but in looking back, I must say that he was actually spot-on.


       In Century 10, Quatrain 72, Nostradamus said that in July of 1999, a “king of terror” would come from the sky, bringing back to life the empire of the Mongols.  Let's look at the evidence.  In the months preceding July of 1999, for the first time in history, a sizable army was attacked day and night, and was forced to withdraw from conquered territory due to air power alone with the attacking forces not suffering so much as a single casualty.  This was the Kosovo Air War, when NATO planes rained death on the Serbs with impunity from thousands of feet above.  This “air war” ended at the close of June, 1999, and in July, the “king” in command of this supersonic terror from the skies the leader of the Western world, President Clinton flew to Europe and even paid a visit to Kosovo.  What about bringing back to life the empire of the Mongols?  The Mongol Empire was a century-long phenomenon that extended from Korea to Europe (and which had attempted unsuccessfully under Kublai Khan to invade Japan).  A few years after the Kosovo Air War (post 9/11), the U.S. had military bases in an arc across Japan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, and of course Europe (not to mention many other places that the Mongols never even ventured).  Rack up another one for Nostradamus.  He even told us the year and month of that prediction and we still missed it.

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       “Telesomatics” is the ability of one person to experience the same feelings or somatic changes as another person at a distant location, without having any rational way of knowing what is happening to the other person.  Researcher Guy Lyon Playfair documented cases of telesomatic phenomenon in twins and published a book on the subject entitled Twin Telepathy.  He describes how, on November 27, 1975, Ross McWhirter was shot to death in London.  His twin brother Norris was at a distant location at the moment Ross was shot, yet he was observed by a witness to have reacted in that instant as if he himself had been hit by the bullet (Playfair, 11-35).  Another case, from 1976, occurred in the town of Murillo de Rio Leza, Spain, and involved twin sisters named Silva and Marta Landa.  Marta burned her hand on a hot clothes iron, and a blister formed.  Silva, at a distant location, immediately had the same type of blister form on the exact same spot on her hand for no apparent reason (Playfair, 52-55).

       In chapter two of Dr. Dean Radin’s book, The Conscious Universe, he describes cases where people reacted from a distance when someone else was suffering.  He refers to an account by Joan Severn in the 1800s of having suddenly awakened at seven in the morning, feeling that her upper lip was bleeding.  She woke up and checked, but it was actually fine.  Hours later she discovered that her husband had, at that very instant, been struck on the upper lip some distance away and had experienced difficulty in getting the cut to stop bleeding.  Dr. Radin relates the story of a high-tech executive named Fred who told him what happened the day his mother died.  First, Fred sat up in bed, clutching his chest and gasping for breath at 2:05 AM.  Fifteen minutes later, Fred’s father called with the news that his mother had just died of a heart attack.

       Lisa and Debbie Ganz are identical twins.  At one point, Lisa was living in Australia while Debbie was in New York.  Lisa had a car accident while alone in the Outback.  Before Lisa was able to contact anyone about what had happened, Debbie immediately knew that her sister was in pain and urgently began trying to telephone her (television documentary program Naked Science, 2005, season two, episode four: “Telepathy”).           


Iraq war



       Century Eight, Quatrain 70 clearly seems to describe the Iraq Wars.  It says that he enters infamously and tyrannizes over Mesopotamia.  The U.S. made itself very unpopular internationally in 2003 by invading Iraq on the disproven claim that there were weapons of mass destruction there.  The quatrain mentions friends made by the “adulterous lady.”  The “adulterous lady” appears to be an allusion to the U.S.A. in the form of its main icon, the Statue of Liberty.  While claiming to promote liberty around the world, the U.S. has obviously made many deals with unsavory, undemocratic rulers, including Saddam Hussein himself.  The quatrain goes on to say, the land appears horrible and black, an obvious reference to the firing of hundreds of oil wells by Saddam’s forces, which spewed oil and smoke from January until November of 1991, until they were finally all extinguished and capped.


       Century Eight, Quatrain 20 precisely predicts the events in and around November, 2004.  The first two lines begin by saying there is a false message about a rigged election that runs through the city, stopping the broken pact.  There were actually three elections that appeared to be rigged at and around this time.  First of all, there was the U.S. election, where extreme, unexplained irregularities existed between exit polls and the official results from electronic voting machines accompanied Bush’s win over Kerry in key states.  In addition, there was an apparently-rigged election in Afghanistan that month, as well as another dubious one that occurred the following year in Iraq.  As for a false message, it was reported that African-Americans in Pittsburgh were told by dirty tricksters that they were supposed to vote on Wednesday, not Tuesday.  In South Carolina, African-Americans were told that they could not vote if they had outstanding parking tickets or if they had not paid their child support.  In Wisconsin, fliers were passed out purporting to be from the “Milwaukee Black Voters’ League” warning people that if they had already voted in an election earlier that year, they were not allowed to vote again, and that if they violated this law, they could be put in prison for ten years and have their children taken away.  As for a broken pact, the Iraq Muslim Clerics’ Association had supported the election in Iraq, but after the U.S. attacked Fallujah on November ninth, the group urged people to boycott the national elections, which were set for January, 2005.  The quatrain goes on to say that voices are bought, the chapel is stained with blood, and that an empire is contracted to another one.  The governments of Iraq and Afghanistan were clearly puppet governments.  In the U.S., the media was not reporting in a critical and neutral manner, but was acting as a cheerleader for the war.  As for a chapel being stained with blood, over half the mosques in Fallujah were destroyed by air strikes.  Furthermore, on November 16, 2004, a video was released of an American soldier executing an injured, unarmed Iraqi man inside a mosque in Fallujah.  As for one empire being contracted to another one, British forces occupied Basra, and replaced American troops in some places.


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      In 1967, Chanai Choomalaiwong was born in Thailand.  He had a small round birthmark on the back of his head and a larger one over his left eye.  From an early age, he insisted he was a man named Bua Kai: a schoolteacher from the village of Khao Phra.  He claimed to have been shot to death.  He gave the names of his former parents, wife, and two children.  Finally, his grandmother took him by bus to Khao Phra, which was 15 miles away.  Chanai led her straight to a house that he said belonged to Bua’s parents.  An elderly couple lived there, and they said that their son, Bua Kai Lawnak, had been shot to death five years earlier.  Chanai knew the names of Bua’s parents, wife, and children.  He impressed the family so much that they invited him back.  On his next visit, they tested Chanai to to see if he could detect specific items that had belonged to Bua from groups of similar items.  He passed all their tests and convinced them that he was Bua reincarnated.  Further investigation showed that his birthmarks matched the entry and exit wounds of the bullet that had killed Bua (Prof. Jim Tucker, Before, 109-111).

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       In Century Three, Quatrain One, Nostradamus says that after combat and naval battle, great Neptune is in his highest belfry, the Red adversary will be pale with fear, and the ocean will be in dread.  This quatrain appears to describe the events of the war between Russia and Ukraine.  On April 14, 2022, Ukrainian “R-360 Neptune” anti-ship missiles hit and sunk the Mokba (Moscow), the flagship of Russia’s Black Fleet.  Russian ships, which had been threatening an invasion of Odessa, retreated from the coast of Ukraine out of fear.  As for the term “Red adversary,” notice that Russian Federation forces have been openly displaying the red flag of the collapsed Soviet Union, in keeping with Putin’s obsession with restoring the U.S.S.R.

       In Century Ten, Quatrain 74, Nostradamus begins by writing cryptically about the year when something he calls the “great seventh number” is completed.  These words were an insoluble puzzle for 467 years, but the events of 2022 revealed his original meaning.  When the number of the quatrain (74) is multiplied by seven, the result is 518.  Although the exact date is in dispute, Nostradamus was most likely born on December 14, 1503, which would make December 14, 2021 the 518th anniversary of his birth.  Thus, the 518th anniversary year since his birth lasts from December 14, 2021 until December 13, 2022.  The quatrain goes on to say that this year of the great seventh number coincides with the “games of slaughter.”  On February 24, 2022, immediately after the Winter Olympic Games concluded in Beijing, Putin ordered the Russian military to make a full-scale attack on Ukraine and begin slaughtering people.  Moreover, this entire war can be called a game for a number of reasons.  First of all, Western Europe has made itself highly dependent on Russian oil and gas, although it was obviously unwise to do so.  Second, Russian energy pipelines cross Ukrainian territory, and despite the Russian invasion, Ukraine allows the continued flow from Russia into Europe (cumulatively with other pipelines, earning a billion dollars a day for Russia, Ukraine’s enemy) since to shut off these supplies would cripple the German economy, on which Ukraine relies for military and financial support.  Third, Russia’s invasion was essentially given the green light by the lack of international reaction to Russia’s earlier aggression: in Transnistria, Moldova (supporting separatists) since 1991, in Chechnya in 1999, in Georgia in 2008, and in Ukraine (Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk) since 2014.  Furthermore, it is all a game because the Russian military is entirely dependent on foreign technology for the construction of its hardware.  Russian planes, helicopters, submarines, and missiles cannot be manufactured without imported microchips from Western and East Asian corporations, and these should never have been sold to a hostile power like Russia in the first place.  The quatrain continues to say that all of this occurs near the great millennium (presumably the year 2000), when the dead will come out of their graves.  This has now come to pass, as thousands upon thousands of bodies – Russian and Ukrainian, military and civilian – have been exhumed in Ukraine since the start of the conflict.

global consciousness project



        Chemistry and physics can in no way explain the results of the Global Consciousness Project.  This project tests the extent to which reality is influenced by the collective consciousness of all beings on the planet.  It does this by placing electronic random event generators (REGs) at different locations around the globe, which create and record random events (as if flipping a coin many times at once).  Observers then look for any unusual patterns in the generation of numbers (which, according to physics, should be entirely random).  The project has shown that when momentous global events occur, there are statistically significant deviations from expected results.  On August 5, 1998, when American embassies in East Africa were bombed, the results were so unusual that the odds of these results were one in one thousand (p = 0.001).  During the Pope’s visit to Israel in March of 2000, the results were so unusual that the odds were eight in one thousand (p = 0.008).  During the Lovewave event of New Year’s Day, 2001, the probability of these results was four in one thousand (p = 0.004).  The cumulative data from 1998 to 2015 was so remarkable that the chances of these results being due to chance alone have been calculated at less than one in a trillion.


JFK assassination



       In Century One, Quatrain 26 and Century Six, Quatrain 37, Nostradamus describes the Kennedy assassinations.  He writes that the great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt.  From the roof, he says, evil will fall on the great man.  On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was shot in broad daylight, as if by a bolt from the blue.  The next line says that the evil deed was foretold by the bearer of a petition.  He writes that they will accuse an innocent, being dead.  Lee Harvey Oswald, who was blamed for the assassination, was simultaneously working for a right-wing militant group while handing out petitions for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, a left-wing, pro-Castro group.  A mysterious message was sent to the FBI by teletype on November 17, stating that a militant revolutionary group might attempt to assassinate Kennedy on his upcoming trip to Dallas.  As hypothesized in Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie JFK, the true source of the teletype message may have been Lee Harvey Oswald himself.  He is suspected by many of being a government agent who was not part of the assassination at all.  He was of course killed by Jack Ruby and never stood trial.  Nostradamus writes that the guilty one is hidden in the misty copse, which could be a reference to the grassy knoll, where a cloud of smoke was seen at the fence-line.  The 1991 History Channel documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, claims to have an enhanced image of a man (possibly the Corsican hit man, Lucien Sarti, who was known for using explosive bullets) in a police uniform shooting a rifle towards the presidential motorcade from the fence.  As for the evil coming from a rooftop, the theory held by many is that there were a number of shooters who triangulated their fire.  A plastic sabot was later found on the roof of a nearby building, suggesting that someone fired a bullet of smaller caliber from a rifle and used the sabot to hold it in a larger barrel, making the bullet size fit the rifle Oswald was said to have used.  In The Men Who Killed Kennedy, researcher and author Stephen Rivele claims to have interviewed Christian David (an assassin and ex-intelligence officer) in prison.  He says David told him that in addition to Lucien Sarti, there were two other shooters in buildings behind JFK’s car.  Along with the body, the bullet-riddled car would have been the best evidence, but the car was immediately dismantled and the body was surgically altered to make it impossible to discover the truth through forensic examination. Nostradamus adds that according to prediction, another falls at night time.  This is an apparent reference to Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was shot on June 5, 1968, just after midnight.  The quatrain states that there will be conflict at Reims and London.  In May of 1968, there were nationwide protests and strikes in France, while in London there was a large antiwar rally that turned violent and led to over 200 arrests.  The last words of the quatrain, “pestilence in Tuscany,” may refer to the pestilence that had been feared after the massive Arno River flood of November, 1966 (Hogue, Nostradamus, 88-89, 461-462, Lifton, Best Evidence, Marrs, Crossfire).

ESP cards



       Experiments were done at Duke University to predict the sequence in which a mixed group of cards would be overturned, or to read the mind of a person looking at the cards.  With twenty-five cards in a round, and five possible designs on the cards, random chance should have produced five correct cards per round, on average.  One person was able to call nine cards in a row correctly, the odds against this happening through random chance being five to the ninth power against one.  On a different round, the same person called 15 cards in a row correctly, the odds against which are 30 billion to one.  Two test subjects were able to call all 25 cards correctly, the odds against which are astronomical.  Out of 3,400 runs through a series of 25 cards, the average of all scores was not five cards correct per round, as statistics predicted, but seven correct, indicating that more than chance was responsible for the results.  Dr. Dean Radin examined the cumulative results of all ESP card prediction experiments reported from 1882 to 1939.  He calculated the odds against such results at over a billion trillion to one (Radin, The Conscious Universe, chapter six).

reincarnation example



       Ryan Hammons was born in 2004 in Oklahoma.  At the age of four, he began talking about his earlier life in Hollywood.  He spoke of living in a big house with a swimming pool, meeting movie stars, driving a green car, hating cats, working in a place where people changed their names, being a Republican, having a senator friend in New York, having a daughter, and being not five years old, but more like 105.  He said he had died at the age of 61.  He was fascinated with sunglasses.  He said he had lived on a street with the word rock in it.  He said he had taken a cruise to Europe and seen Paris.  He recognized Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe.  When he saw a picture of some actors, he claimed to recognize himself from a previous life.  This man was identified as Marty Martin (1903-1964), who had been a struggling actor until becoming wealthy with his own talent agency (where they invented new stage names for actors).  Marty had lived in a big house with a swimming pool, owned a green car, had an extensive collection of sunglasses, hated cats, and lived on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills.  Marty had traveled to Europe on the Queen Mary and visited Paris.  Marty had been in contact with both Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe.  He had been a staunch Republican.  He had a daughter.  Marty used to visit Senator Ives in New York.  Marty used to love Chinese restaurants.  When Ryan was taken to his first Chinese restaurant, his parents say he was able to use chopsticks without needing to practice.  Ryan’s mother recorded the claims that he made about Marty’s life.  Out of the 70 claims that could be researched, 55 were correct and only 15 appear to have been incorrect (Jim Tucker, Return to Life).

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       Dr. Dean Radin, chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California, has overseen thousands of experiments with volunteers attempting to focus their awareness on laser light projected inside a machine.  The idea was to see if their concentration alone could cause the wave function of the light to break down into a particle function in an enclosed double-slit experiment.  Due to the mysterious “observer effect,” we know that light behaves as a wave when unobserved (unmeasured), and as a particle when a scientist chooses to observe it.  In this case, the “observation” was nothing more than focused attention from a distance on the sealed container housing the ongoing double-slit experiment.  There were 17 of these experiments, done over eight years, involving more than 5,000 human sessions, and including many online volunteers.  In 2016, Dr. Radin announced conclusions from a meta-analysis of all these studies.  The results showed that by merely thinking about the device, people all around the world had powerfully affected the results.  These results produced a sigma effect of between four and eight, which means the possibility they had been due to random chance was virtually zero.

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