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       The Hopi teach that we are approaching the Fourth World of Destruction and preparing to begin the Fifth World of Peace.  They try to maintain their traditional religion so that their land will become the center from which the Great Spirit will reawaken.  Near Oraibi, Arizona, there is a Hopi petroglyph called Prophecy Rock.  It depicts a narrow path of life in harmony with nature on the bottom and the wide path of materialism on the top.  The line that returns to harmony with nature is the last chance for people to turn back to the right way of life.  The Hopi have an expression for the condition of the Fourth World of today: “Koyaanisqatsi,” which means “world out of balance.”  The Hopi believe that the Emergence to the Fifth World is beginning now, with positive changes being made by a few people who are living in sustainable ways.  When the Great Purification arrives, there will be a third “shaking of the earth.”  The Hopi prophecy says, “When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, creeds, and classes, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.  They shall be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.”  According to Hopi legend, the chieftain for the Bow Clan had two sons, each of which were given sacred stone tablets called Tiponi.  The elder brother took his Tiponi toward the rising sun, determined not to return until he had gained the ability to interpret it.  It was said that a great white star would appear in the sky as a sign that his return was imminent.  When elder brother reappears, his skin will have turned white, and he is referred to as True White Brother.  He will be accompanied by two helpers: one with a swastika and one with a Celtic Cross with red lines.  They will spread the seeds of wisdom for a new way of life, and this will lead to the Emergence of the Fifth World.  The earth will be renewed, there will be abundance for all, people will share the wealth of the planet, and all races will intermarry.  The human race will be like an extended family.

Mayan woman doing a itual with incense

       Prophecies about impending cataclysm followed by a Golden Age are shared by people all around the world.  Native American tribes have quite an amazing collection of predictions that say this is exactly what is about to happen.  Here are some samples of the North American prophecies collected in Utopia Found.

       Ghost Wolf, a Lakota ceremonial leader, passed on a native prophecy that after terrible plagues and changes in the weather, there would come a time when the physical world and the spiritual world would no longer be separated (Judi Kosteen, Body, Mind & Spirit Magazine, January/February 1993).

       In the 1920s, Stalking Wolf, an Apache elder, had a vision of famine and disease followed by a new way of life that is closer to nature.  He saw that the nature-loving children of the future would end the destructive ways of humanity and create a whole new society (The Quest, by Tom Brown, Jr.).

       Sun Bear, an Ojibwa shaman, had dreams of the future in which epidemics and a complete breakdown of modern society will precede a new civilization – one where people live in a sacred way and develop a higher level of consciousness (Black Dawn/Bright Day, by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind).

       Navaho oral traditions tell of a Time of the End.  When this arrives, it is believed that a new spiritual movement will sweep the planet, unifying all races and nations in the spirit of peace and love.

       Crazy Horse (1842-1877), the Teton Sioux chief, had a vision of the future in which terrible world wars were followed by world peace, with members of all races dancing under the Sacred Tree like brothers and sisters (Voices of Earth and Sky, by Vinson Brown).

       Like the Hopi, the Cherokee also have a prophecy about a rapidly-approaching cataclysm called the “third shaking of the earth.”  They believe the survivors of this catastrophe will create a circle of all human beings, in which the people of the four directions will come together, share their wisdom, and bring peace to the planet.

       The Chippewa have a prophecy about a future Age of Peace in which all people will be equal, animals will no longer be killed for their meat, most natural disasters will cease, pollution-free energy will be developed, and people everywhere will adopt Native American ways of living in harmony with nature (Phoenix Rising, by Mary Summer Rain).

       The Anisinabe have a prophecy of the time of the Seventh Fire.  At this time, new people will appear and retrace their steps to seek the wisdom of the elders.  According to the prophecy, the sacred fire will be relit, and white people will face a choice between two paths: a spiritual path to a brotherhood of eternal love and peace, or a materialistic path that leads to destruction.

butterfly Vitruviian man

       One of the most interesting "crop circle" formations of all time appeared on August 8, 2009 near the town of Goes in Holland.  It was the largest one ever: 530 meters by 450 meters.  The growing grain was flattened in the shape of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (with arms and legs outstretched, touching the edge of a giant circle), but with an interesting addition giant butterfly wings and antennae attached.  The picture suggests a metamorphosis of human beings from our current state into something more: the inevitable fulfillment of our latent spiritual potential.  The meaning of most glyphs seems virtually impenetrable, but this one is different.  Someone seems to be telling us they can see into the future and they know we will not make ourselves go extinct; we will turn the corner and blossom into the fully-enlightened beings we were meant to be.

tang dynasty



       Chinese prophecies and quatrains with accompanying diagrams were composed by the astrologers Yuan Tian Guang (袁天罡) and Li Chun Feng (李淳風) in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) called Tui Bei Tu

(推背圖), which means “Back-Pushing Diagrams.”  The quatrain beside diagram 56 says that there will be smoke in all four corners of the earth, from high in the clouds above down to the earth below (海疆萬里盡雲煙, 上迄雲霄下及泉), as well as worldwide conflict and disaster (干戈末接禍連天).  The quatrain beside diagram 57 says that warfare will be banned across the oceans (重洋從此自兵師).  The prophecy accompanying diagram 58 says that chaos ends in peace, and all nations become brothers (大亂平, 四夷服, 稱弟兄).  The prophecy accompanying diagram 59 says that there will be no more cities, no more governments, and no difference between you and me (無城無府, 無爾無我).  Like the earlier Ma Qian Ke, it says that the world will be a single family and there will be harmony everywhere (天下一家, 治臻大化).  The quatrain accompanying this diagram says that people of all colors (red, yellow, black, and white) will be treated thesame, and that those from the four directions will live together peacefully (紅黃黑白不分明, 東西南北盡和睦).  The prophecy attached to the final diagram (number sixty) says cryptically “no end, no beginning” (無終無始).  Interestingly, the prophecy accompanying diagram 47 says that every citizen has a responsibility (匹夫有責), and the accompanying quatrain says that it is good to spend more time reading old books (好把舊書多讀到).  As the text says at the very end, the title (“Back-Pushing Diagrams”) is named for the idea that any prophet who attempts to foresee all the countless events that will occur in the future (after peace on earth is achieved) cannot possibly succeed, and should be pushed into retirement.

Macchu Picchu


       In Peru, the Q’ero tribe of Incan ancestry has a 500-year-old prophecy that in the present age (500 years after the arrival of the Spanish to South America), great changes will come to the planet, turning our upside-down world right-side-up again.  The prophecy states that order will be made out of the chaos that has reigned since the coming of the Europeans, that people of all continents will come together in the spirit of love and compassion, and that we will enter a Golden Age of Peace that will last for a thousand years.  According to Joan Parsi Wilcox in her book, Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge, this Andean prophecy states that when the ways of the shaman are taught to the beings of the lower worlds, the Taripay Pacha (The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again) will begin.  This will be a Golden Age in which all humanity will consciously evolve to become enlightened Children of the Sun.


future utopia



       The prophet Nostradamus wrote in Century Two, Quatrain 46 that a comet would appear, and that after a great trouble for humanity, a greater one was prepared.  Since the Hale-Bopp comet of 1997, the previously-unknown NEOWISE comet of 2020 was the first to be visible to the naked eye.  This came during the same year as the COVID–19 pandemic, the worst to hit humanity since the Spanish Flu of 1918.  Could this pandemic have been the “great trouble” foreseen by Nostradamus, after which an even greater trouble (including rain, blood, famine, steel, and plague) awaits us?  In January through March of 2023, another previously unknown comet was visible with the naked eye: Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF), nicknamed the Green Comet.  The third in the set is Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, which makes its nearest approach in April of 2024.  The fourth comet in this series, comet C/2023 A3 Tsuchinshan-ATLAS (named after 紫金山, "Purple-Gold Mountain," in China, where an observatory working as part of the Asteroid Terrestrical impact Last Alert System discovered it in 2023), is set to make its closest approach in September of 2024.  In Century Two, Quatrain 62, Nostradamus said that when the comet runs, there will be thirst, famine, and a horrible laying waste of both humans and animals.  In both Century Three, Quatrain 34 and Epistle to Henry II (EP 87), he mentions a solar eclipse in conjunction with cataclysmic occurrences.  Could this be a reference to the April 8, 2024 total eclipse seen across North America from Mexico to Maine?  Nostradamus describes a coming apocalypse, saying we will suffer war, terrible droughts, famine, flooding of much of the world and a terrible plague that will kill two-thirds of the world’s population, while weeds grow tall in city streets and it becomes hard to determine the true owners of property (EP 118-119).  In Century Five, Quatrain Eight, Nostradamus says an entire city will be turned to dust by horrible fire released from globes.  

       In The Preface, Nostradamus details all the terrible things that will happen during the upcoming time of trouble.  He hints that it will begin 177 years, three months, and 11 days after he penned those words.  The Preface is dated March 1, 1555, so he would seem to be indicating June 12, 1732.  Since no such catastrophic events took place at that time, he must have been writing in code.  If three months stands for “three centuries,” and 11 days stands for “minus 11 years,” then we arrive at the year 2021. 

As mentioned in the "Metaphysics" section, under the entry, "Nostradamus Predicts the War in Ukraine," December 14th, 2021 was the start of the year of the “great seventh number” (Century 10, Quatrain 74), which was both the 518th anniversary year of Nostradamus’s birth and the year the war in Ukraine started.  The present moment in time appears to be that which is predicted in Century One, Quatrain 51, where he says the "bad times" will return, as well as Century One, Quatrain 63, which describes the end of the peaceful postwar era, saying that "wars will begin again."  He says that a war with Iran is imminent, involving an invasion force of nearly a million men (Century Five, Quatrain 25).  In Century Nine, Quatrains 55, Nostradamus writes of a “horrible war being prepared in the West.”  Could this be a reference to Putin's war in Ukraine, begun in February of 2023?  He says a most horrible pestilence will arrive the year after the war starts, and that it will kill old and young as well as animals.  Could this be referring to the Israel-Hamas War that began in October of 2023, and a warning for what is coming in 2024?  In Epistle to Henry II (EP 202), Nostradamus writes that the pestilence will last for years, and will be made much worse by the famine which will have preceded it.  In Century Six, Quatrain Five, he says there will be a famine extending from pole to pole.  In Century One, Quatrain 67, Nostradamus describes a worldwide famine so severe and long-lasting that people will devour not only roots, but children as well.

       Nostradamus writes that “memories of things” contained in their “instruments” will suffer incalculable loss (EP 184).  This is an apt description, from a 16th century point of view, of a massive computer failure, including a collapse of cloud-based storage.  He adds that there will be a terrible loss to letters and learning (EP 184 and C1, Q62).

       Nostradamus writes that after these dark times will come a Golden Age.  He says that there will be union between those who had previously been separated by nation and religion.  He foresees a universal peace for at least a thousand years.  Nostradamus writes that the golden lamp of Trajan will be relit (C5, Q66).  Trajan was the emperor who invaded both Dacia (Romania) and Mesopotamia.  When he died in 117 AD, Roman power (representing the height of Western classical civilization) was at its zenith.  He promises that the aqueduct will be renewed and brick walls will be replaced with marble.  He predicts joy to humanity, health, abundance of fruit, joy, and mellifluous times (C10, Q89).  Nostradamus even makes a prophecy about this prophecy of a Golden Age.  He writes that for five hundred years they will take notice of him, when he will give a great prediction, making the people of that century very content (C3, Q94).  The 500th anniversary of Nostradamus’s passing will be in the year 2066.

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       The Toltec have a 500-year-old prophecy they are currently trying to share with the world because they feel the time has come for its fulfillment.  According to Toltec history, large gatherings that included thousands of drummers took place for hundreds of years.  The last of these gatherings was in 1521, when 8,000 drummers assembled in the mountains of central Mexico.  From then on, the Spanish outlawed these indigenous rituals.  The Otomi Toltec Elders and Wisdom Keepers made a prophecy at that time: “When 8000 drums will sound again the great healing for Mother Earth will happen and more Peace on Earth will come.  The People from the Four Directions will come together to bring about a great healing for Mother Earth.  They will have realized the great harm we humans have done to Nature.  The Children of the Earth will come together to recognize their Mother Earth as a Living Being who can also feel, breathe, love and be happy.”

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       For over a thousand years, the Lakota and other tribes of the Great Plains have passed down the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman.  In this story, a spiritual being takes the form of a beautiful woman to teach seven sacred ceremonies.  As she departs, she transforms into a bison and changes color from black to red to yellow to white (representing the colors of the four directions as well as the four colors of humanity).  Her departure includes a prophecy that when she returns in the form of a white buffalo, it will be both a blessing and a warning.  The warning refers to terrible changes that the earth will undergo at that time.  The blessing refers to our ultimate salvation when we follow the right path.  In 1994, a white buffalo calf was born and given the name “Miracle.”  Ordinarily, white buffalo are extremely rare creatures, but since 1994, dozens more white buffalo have been born.  To many Native American tribes, white buffalo are symbols of hope.  They signify an impending revolutionary change – a new age of spiritual unity, planetary healing, and world peace.

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